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(updated on 2005.10.20)

~ Who are you?
I'm cori, webmistress (meaning, I'm female, NOT a guy, if in case you didn't know) of this site, who does majority of the romaji, translations, & reviews on this site. Actually, practically everything else on it too.

~ Are you from Japan?
Nope, and I haven't had a chance to visit Japan either, despite my Japanese background.

~ Where are you from?
Hawaii, born & raised.

~ How did you learn Japanese?
I started "learning" in school, but I learned much more from listening to Jpop, watching anime & Japanese dramas, and the like. Since my Japanese isn't that great, I don't consider myself to be a translator. Not even an amateur one. TT

~ Why don't you take translation requests?
Read the paragraph above. I usually translate only the songs that I like (if they're easy enough), so please try to refrain from requesting me to do translations. To tell you the truth, I have attempted to translate a ton of songs (even the songs that people requested me to do), but since they didn't make sense or I was stuck on a part or 2, I put them aside. Maybe one day when I actually get better at translating songs, I'll finish them up & add them to my site...

~ Who are your favorite artists?
In no particular order:
Amano Tsukiko
Yano Maki
the Indigo
Uemura Kana
Kimura Kaela
Judy & Mary
Bennie K
Crystal Kay
Mitsunaga Ryota
Hirai Ken
Matsu Takako
Tommy february6
Onitsuka Chihiro
Yaida Hitomi

Some other artists that I like:
Dreams Come True
Garnet Crow
Amuro Namie
Aiuchi Rina
Do As Infinity
Hello Project (yes, I admit I like some of their stuff)

There are other artists that I like too, but these are the only ones I could think of for now.

~ Why don't you add kanji lyrics?
Because there's a little thing called JASRAC that has me a little wary of putting kanji lyrics on my site. They've attempted to shut down a few sites already (Wataru's & J-POP Lyrics Club), so I'm not taking that chance.
[2005.10.20] Actually, I have started to add a few kanji lyrics to my site because I have a lot of requests for them. If anyone has a problem with it, I will take them down.

~ Why haven't you responded to my email?
Because, quite truthfully, I'm a lazyass who tends to procrastinate with responding to emails. Just ask any of my friends. If you requested for romaji lyrics, I've more than likely added it to this page. If you don't see your request there, it's because I can't find the Japanese lyrics OR because I'm too (say it with me...) LAZY. Sorry.

~ Why do you take so long to finish my request?
It's usually because I can't get the song file (wma or mp3). Click here to see why I need the song file. If you want to send me sound files, please email me & I'll let you know of a way to send me the files.

~ Do you own the albums?
I own majority of the albums that you see on this site, but I do have a bunch of CD-Rs too. Here's my album list.

~ What's the difference between the Japan & the overseas version of a CD?
This question is very popular. The only big difference, imo, is the price. The lyric sheet & the songs on the CD are the same, however, the overseas version may have the Chinese translation included. The overseas version is usually made in the Taiwan branch of the record company, which isn't allowed in Japan, and therefore doesn't count towards the Orion charts, so if you want to support the artists in the charts (& also want the goods that are sometimes included with the first press CDs), I'd suggest getting the Japan version. If you just want the songs, I'd go for the overseas version.

~ Can you send me some mp3s?
Sorry, but I don't have the time. There are many places where you can buy the CDs (Yesasia, CD Japan, etc.) or if you're too cheap to buy them, there are places where you can download songs. (No, I'm not telling you where, find out for yourself)