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Romaji & Translation Links
(updated on January 3, 2007)

BoA Lyrics Romaji lyrics are horrible at times, but has decent English translations

Tsumi Fukaku Lyrics A Chara translation site.

Hello! Minna Roxy's Hello! Project romaji lyric site. She has practically every Hello! Project lyric, so bookmark her site if you're an H!P fantatic.. (ROMAJI ONLY)

JAM English Lyrics Check out Nick's translations of ALL of Judy & Mary's albums!!!! Finally, we can understand what they're trying to say!!!

Project Hello An excellent site for translated Hello! Project lyrics. A must-see for fans who want to find out what the hell Tsunku's sukebe na mind spews out.

w-inds Lyrics Translations of ALL of w-inds songs.


Ryuichi's J-pop Music Station My favorite translations site. He has lots of Speed, Zard, L'arc en Ciel translations, as well as all of Utada Hikaru's First Love album translations (if you see other sites with the same translations, just know they came from his site), + tons of others...definitely a must-see!!! Also has guitar tabs, some movie reviews, etc. Updates the beginning of every month, but takes no requests anymore. Formerly known as "Yume no Ato." Translations of The Brilliant Green, Mizuki Nana, Sasaki Yuuko, and other artists.

Angel Egg A great romaji (& sometimes translation) site. Heidi has mostly anime lyrics here, but it's worth a look. A lot of lyrics from artists/anime like ALI PROJECT, DI GI CHARAT, I'VE, KOTOKO, & LIA to name a few.

The Anime Fanboy This is an old site, but I recently re-discovered it (many url changes=bad). I like it a lot because the webmaster explains what his thoughts are, plus the format is interesting. Too bad he quit updating almost 3 years ago.

Anime This was originally Sailor Bacon's site, but nowadays most of the lyrics are done by contributors. I can't believe that I didn't add this one's probably the most well known lyric site on the net.

BOBMINK STYLE They have a few song translations here + translations of some manga as well.

Broad Daylight Greg has mostly romaji on his site, but takes requests for translations. Also, if you need help with Japanese, Mandarin or Spanish, he's your guy too. ^^

Campus Lyrics Lots of anime lyrics + some hitomi translations as well. ^^

Centigrade-J Another excellent translations site, but it doesn't have the romaji. I like that Brian & Takako explain what the song's about at the end of each translation. This site also has some reviews, news about some artists, and some translated articles. Check it out! Takes translations requests.

Forever Fanatical Library A Korean translations page. Has all the romaji & translations of S.E.S's 3 Korean albums, as well as romaji + some translations from their Japanese albums.

Hikaru Wakusei Fairly new romaji site with a few translations too.

Kirin no Kashi Hikaru's site. There's a lot of J-rock as well as some Jpop romaji here. Many album lyrics. (ROMAJI ONLY)

Kiwi Musume Julie's new site. Full album translations; she focuses more on Jpop artists, but takes requests. Features translations of Morning Musume, Shimatani Hitomi, Utada Hikaru, Younha, Aikawa Nanase, Tamaki Nami, etc.

Lyrikal Has a few translations.

Masa's Translations Ayu, Ayu, and more Ayu. Huge Hamasaki Ayumi translation database.

Megchan no Shumi A lot of great translations here including tons of Morning Musume related stuff, some current hits, etc. though she doesn't update as often as before. Also has a trading section, etc. Takes translations requests if she has the lyrics (See her romaji section).

(NEW) Mikotokun's Jpop Lyrics Mikotokun's site. A very new site, that opened up on the January 1, 2007. He takes romaji requests, but not from lyric scans. There are also some translations on his site.

Mitsuketa Lyrics A fairly new romaji lyrics site. They focus somewhat on less popular artists. (ROMAJI ONLY)

Mognet A lot like Centigrade-J--they focus on J-rock bands, & take requests, so they also have some Jpop translations..

The Senshi Gakuen A lot of J-rock translations (Gackt) and other stuff.

Silent Water Ripples Another great site. Has translations of many popular songs and the webmaster also takes requests. There are other features on the site as well...

Sunboiled's Translations
This is a great site that has translations of artists that other sites don't really focus on: Hirai Ken, Gospellers, Skoop On Somebody, etc.

Wataru's Translations He was shut down by JASRAC, but he's back again! Yay!!! =) Has tons of Ayu translations, along with Do As Infinity, The Brilliant Green, aiko, etc.

The World Pool A lot of BoA translations, and other artists as well. (non-updated)

Non-updated sites (most of these sites are probably dead):

Hesperia Chika's site. There's a lot of GLAY stuffs there + manga, anime, fanfics, & many translations. She does not takes requests, so don't even ask.

Morning Moon Nami's site. Wow, another GLAY related site!!! Plus she has many translations of other J-pop artists. Takes translations requests. At this moment, her site is under construction, so the translations aren't available. :(

The J!-Ent Asunaro Karaoke Page A collection of translations collected from the web. Hasn't been updated since forever, though.

Love Impact Claudia's MAX translations site. She has all the translations of their albums + singles + some articles on MAX. If you're a MAX fan, you gotta check her site out! (BTW, there's no romaji of the songs here)

Moonless Triton Amai, Amai...what happened to your site?? It was one of the sites that I directed to when I didn't have a certain translation on my site. Lemme know if/when you ever get it back up, ok?

Song Translations This site has a bunch of older translations, but it's still worth checking out.

Zard, Okamoto Mayo, Mr Children, Yukie Nishimura, Chage & Aska Includes translations of songs from the artists listed above.

Japan Lyrics Everyone knows they're the best romaji site around, but they also have a handful of translations as well.