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Jan 16, 2001
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Cori's J-POP Album Reviews

1.16 - Added albums to the list.

10.13 - Added my review of S.E.S's Reach Out

Please email me if you want me to review an album on the list. It might take a week or so to get the reviews done.

- Here's a great site that has album reviews plus RealAudio samples!!!

aiko Sakura no Ki no Shita
Amuro Namie Break the Rules Genius 2000 181920 Concentration 20 Sweet 19 Blues Original Tracks Vol. 1 Dance Tracks Vol. 1
bird Mindtravel bird
The Brilliant Green Terra 2001 The Brilliant Green
Cocco Kumuiuta Bougainvillea
Cubic U Precious
Denda Mao Eternal Voice
Dorama Songs Viva Japanese TV Drama 2000 Over Time Soundtrack
Double Double Crystal
Dreams Come True The Monster Sing or Die (Worldwide Version) Sing or Die Seventh of July~Sunny Day Best of Dreams Come True Love Unlimited Delicious Magic The Swinging Star Million Kisses Wonder 3 Love Goes On Dreams Come True
Every Little Thing Time To Destination Everlasting
Hana*Hana 2 Souls
Hirosue Ryoko Arigato
Hysteric Blue Baby Blue
Imai Miki Taiyou to Hemingway Mirai Pride Ivory II
Judy & Mary Pop Life The Power Source Miracle Diving Orange Sunshine JAM
Komatsu Miho 3rd everywhere
Koyanagi Yuki Expansion Singles Collection + Freedom
Kuraki Mai Delicious Way Singles Collection
Le Couple Chiisana Negai On the Sofa
m-flo Planet Shining
Matsu Takako Itsuka Sakura no Toki Singles Collection
Matsumoto Eiko Seasons From the First Touch
MAX Maximum Groove Maximum II
Misia Love Is The Message The Glory Day Mother Father Brother Sister
Morning Musume The Single Collection Second Morning First Time
My Little Lover New Adventure Presents Evergreen
NiNa NiNa
Okamoto Mayo Hello
Princess Princess Princess Princess
Sakai Noriko Work Out Fine In Snowflakes Twin Best I Twin Best II
S.E.S Be Ever Wonderful Prime ~S.E.S the Best Reach Out
Shinohara Ryoko Lady Generation
Spitz Hachimitsu
Sugar Soul Uzu (whirlpool)
Tina Colorado
Tsuyuzaki Harumi Believe Yourself
UA Turbo Ametora 11
Utada Hikaru First Love

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