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December 8
I'm really sorry about the lack of updates in the few months. I've been really busy and procrastinating a lot
(I blame it on that one guy too :p), but I'll definitely add some album lyrics this weekend. Also, I wanted to
mention that sometimes the data transfer of my site exceeds its limit, so if you cannot access it as much as
before, that's the reason why. :( If you need to email me, please send it to my Yahoo address
( because I have a hard time accessing my Hotmail one. :(

For now, I've added the romaji for:
- Utada Hikaru's "Traveling"
- Tommy February6 "Kiss One More Time"
If you want to request me to do romaji, please click here for instructions. Thanks.

September 27
- Hana*Hana's latest album Spice was released today. I will get this album when the OS ver. comes out
though...(or maybe not... =/)
- On another note, PSOv2 came out yesterday...this probably mean less updates... Just kidding. :P

September 23
Added the following album romaji:
- Hirai Ken's Gaining Through Losing
- Love Psychedelico's The Greatest Hits
- (album romaji coming up: aiko, Garnet Crow, Imai Miki, more Hirai Ken...)
- Recently, my friend's boyfriend died in a car
accident. Les & I would like to extend our deepest
sympathies & love to her & his family. Please rest in
peace, Vardell...
- To my sister M, despite the things that happened, I hope you know that I still care...

September 12

- Whoops! I forgot to mention that BONSAI's JPOP SEARCH ENGINE IS BACK!!! Yokatta!!!
- Updated the album hoshii page.
- Hopefully I'll get off of my butt & add some album lyrics soon. :P
- On another note, I got the FFX's such a great collection of songs, glad one of my PSO
friends suggested it to me. :) Only freaking thing wrong with getting it...I wanna play the game now!!! >:(

September 11
- Ordered the following albums:
Matsu Takako's A Piece of Life
Onitsuka Chihiro's Insomia
- Don't worry, I'll update with some album lyrics soon...
Non- Jpop related...
...another tragic event: terrorists hijacked 4 planes, 2 crashed into the World Trade Center building,
one crashed into the Pentagon...A moment of silence for the victims in this horrible tragedy...
I hope this doesn't mean another world war...

August 27
- Added Kuraki Mai's Perfect Crime album lyrics
- Hirai Ken album lyrics coming soon...(sorry for the delay)
(also coming up: Love Psychedelico, aiko, Garnet Crow, Imai Miki, and more Hirai Ken album lyrics...)
Non-Jpop related...
...a moment of silence for the R&B artist Aaliyah, who died in a plane crash on Sunday, August 26th. Rest in peace.

Updates from Mar-July missing? ><

Feb. 22
- Added romaji of Hikki's "Kettobase!."
- On another note, the message boards are shutting down on March 5.
Maybe I should get a new one? It's not like anyone was really writing
there, but I'll still try to get one...

Feb. 20
Added romaji in the Single lyrics section:
- Kinki Kids' "Boku no Senaka ni wa Hane ga Aru"
- Minimoni's "Minimoni Janken Pyon"
New CDs/Singles at YesAsia:
- Aco's single "shigatsu no hero"
- Aikawa Nanase's album Purana
- aiko's single "Hatsukoi"
- Do As Infinity's album New World
- ELT's single "Graceful World"
- Hana Hana's single "Hanamuke no Hanataba"
- Tanpopo's single "Koi wo Shichaimashita"

Feb. 15
No Updates.
New CDs/Singles at YesAsia:
- MAX's single "always love"
- Morning Musume's Best Collection + CD ROM
- Utada Hikaru's single "Can You Keep A Secret"
- Zard's album "Toki no Tsubasa"

Feb. 14
Happy Valentines Day!
- Finally added some translations!!!
- Also, Hirai Ken's sexy song "miracles"
& OVERSEAS VERSION of Judy & Mary's Warp album are available! Woo!
- Btw, Double's self-titled album & The Brilliant Green's Los Angeles romaji soon...

Feb. 13
No updates. It has been brought to my attention several
times that certain lyrics are out of place. This has happened
off & on for about 2 months (YahooGeocities really pisses me off
sometimes). Please let me know if there is any other lyrics,
translations, etc. that is out of place. Thank you.

Feb. 12
AOL really sucks!!! Can't go online to play PSO. :(
I guess it's time to change ISPs. Haha.
- Do As Infinity's "Desire"
- Kuraki Mai's "Tsumetai Umi"

Feb. 8
- Added romaji of Hikki's "Can You Keep A Secret?"

Feb. 7
Sorry, no updates yet. I'm gonna receive Double's
CD soon...but the rest are still on backorder. :(
Also, I ordered The Brilliant Green's Los Angeles CD, so
hopefully it should come next week.
Some new release info:
- Judy & Mary's newest (& last) album Warp
- AJICO's (UA's new band) Shinryoku album
- also Kuraki Mai's "Tsumetai Umi/Start In My Life" single (check
out that first review (the "HORRIBLE" one). Absolutely hilarious!!!)

Feb. 5
Ok, all of the CDs we ordered are on backorder. I
don't know when we'll get them. :(
The only good thing about this is that now I can
concentrate on typing out the handful of translations
I've been working on for the past few months. I will
add them either later this week, or next week.

Jan. 31
Added romaji of in the J-Single Lyrics Page:
- Ajico's "Hadou"
- Hamasaki Ayumi's "Evolution"
- m-flo's "Come Here" & "How You Like Me Now"
* I'll be getting the CDs I ordered soon--it was because they closed
the YesAsia offices for 2 weeks in HK to celebrating the Chinese New Year.
I know I'm very late, but Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!!
- CDs available @ YesAsia:
- Overseas Version of The Brilliant Green's Los Angeles album (OS ver.)!!!
- Dreams Come True's single "Suki dake ja dame nanda"
- Hiro's Brilliant album (I'm thinking of getting this one)
- Judy & mary's single "Lucky Pool"

Jan. 24
- Whoops! Forgot to add ELT's "fragile," "Jirenma" &
J-Friends' "I Will Get There" to the Single Lyrics Page.

Jan. 23
- Added Amuro Namie's Break the Rules romaji.
- BTW, you can request romaji of newer songs. Just e-mail me.

Jan. 16
- Added bird's Mindtravel album romaji.
(Amuro Namie's Break the Rules romaji soon...)

* Available at Yesasia:
Amuro Namie's "Think of me/No More Tears" single
(her voice sounds beautiful in "Think of me," more R&B-ish)
ELT's "Fragile/Jirenma" single
m-flo's "Come Again" single
Morning Musume's Morning Musume Super Best (overseas) album
2 CDs + 1 VCD!

Jan. 13
No updates...except for album hoshii page
- Les is gonna order for me:
Double's self-titled CD,
Denda Mao's Eternal Voice CD,
& I'm FINALLY getting
Kuraki Mai's Delicious Way (OVERSEAS VERSION) CD !!!

Jan. 9
Added romaji of:
- Puffy's Fever Fever album (by request)
- The Gospellers' "Kokuhaku" (by request)
- Hirai Ken's "even if" (by request)
Amuro's Break the Rules & bird's Mindtravel album lyrics soon...

Jan. 5
No updates...
* Utada Hikaru's Bohemian Summer 2000 VCD is available!!!

Jan. 2
- Happy New Year everyone! Just watched Kouhaku yesterday.
Anyone else thought it was boring too? I hope the Nihon Record Taisho is better.
Puffy's solosolo romaji by request.
Hamasaki Ayumi's "M" romaji by request.

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