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(January-June 2002)

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June 24
Requested Singles
~ Do As Infinity "Another"
~ double "Driving All Night"
~ Jessa Zaragosa "First Love" (English version of Hikki's song)
~ Kiss Destination "Wave of Love"
~ Liv "Try"
~ Youjeen "FAKE"

From albums:
~ bird "Shiteki Partner," "File"
~ hitomi "It's Only Access," "Little More"
~ Matsu Takako "Koishii Hito," "Ame no Iro"
~ Love Psychedelico "Unchained" (yeah, it's in what =p)

(I decided to add a few lyrics from some of the albums that were requested everytime I update instead of adding the whole album lyrics at a time since it would make it seem quicker. If you want a specific song from those albums to get done faster, let me know.)

June 22
No lyric updates.
- I just added a mailing list to my site so you can be informed when I update the lyrics section. ^ __ ^ It's at the top left hand corner of this page.
Or you can just sign up here: email:
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June 19
No lyric updates.
New Releases
- Utada Hikaru's Deep River album (Deep River album with Poster Package 3)

June 15
Utada Hikaru's
- "Shiawase ni Narou"
- "Deep River"
- "Tokyo Nights"
- "A.S.A.P."
- "Uso Mitai na I Love You"

I'll add "Play Ball" later on...

June 10
Small lyric update:
~ Do As Infinity "Oasis" & "Welcome!"
~ hitomi "Primary," "Hi Hi Hi," "Plastic Time Machine".
~ Lisa "Babylon no Kiseki"

If I have time, I'll add more later this week...

June 06
No lyric updates.
New Releases at Yesasia:
- double "Driving All Night" (single)

June 03
From Singles:
~ H/\LN/\ "Do Over Again
~ Koda Kumi "Trust Your Love," "So Into You"
~ hiro "Eternal Place"
~ SAYAKA "Ever Since"
~ YUKI "66db"
From Albums:
hitomi "WISH," "REGRET," "Love Me Darling"

May 29
No lyric updates.
New Releases
- BoA "Don't Start Now" (single with poster) Japanese lyrics
- Lisa (ex-m-flo member) "Babylon no Kiseki" ...lyrics coming soon

May 27
~ Imai Miki "Aqua"
~ Trinity "Time Over"
~ Komatsu Miho "Kimi no Me ni wa Utsuranai
~ Yuki "Prism
~ SPITZ "Hachimitsu
~ Kinki Kids "Kanashimi Blue
~ Hirai Ken "Strawberry Sex

From Albums:
Do As Infinity "new world," "135," "we are."
hitomi "MADE TO BE IN LOVE," "a little (I need everything)," "Paradise," "Open Mind"

[NOTE: I didn't link to the artists' pages yet.]

May 22
No Lyric Updates.
- Hirai Ken "Strawberry Sex" released today.

I'll update some requests this weekend if I have time.

May 16
- Onitsuka Chihiro Insomnia & This Armor
- Yoshida Miwa Beauty & Harmony (for Jei, webmaster of DCT Joy...sorry for the long wait
^ ^;)

- Crystal Kay "Think Of U"
- hiro "Love You"
- hitomi "Ele Pop," "Hateshinai Kanashimi," "Kimi no Tonari," "My Planet" (I love her songs...I'll probably add hitomi lyrics everytime I
update. ^ ^)
- Katsumata Aiko "KEEP ON YOUR SIDE"
- Koyanagi Yuki "DEEP DEEP"
- SAKURA "Flow With Me"
- Shela "Rose"

May 11
Lyrics added:
- Every Little Thing "KIWOKU"
- Koyanagi Yuki "Beautiful World"
- Voices of Korea/Japan "Let's Get Together"
- Yuki "The End of Shite"
More lyrics coming soon...

BTW, there's a 3 for 1 sale at Yesasia. Not bad at all...

May 09
- Utada Hikaru "Sakura Drops" (single & poster package)

May 06
- Ok, I just fixed most of the lyrics so it will be fine for Netscape users. I'll add some lyrics soon (I hope).
- Also updated Requested romaji section (go check it out daily because I don't mention the updates here too often). Damn, there's a lot of requests there. I'm pretty much swamped, so I don't have time to attempt to do any English translations. Sorry. =( Please check out these Translation links instead.

May 02
- For those of you who request lyrics, please include the name of the artist (and or song title) in the subject line because it will make it easier for me to reply back to you when I'm finished with the romaji. It gets really frustrating when I'm trying to find a particular email when there are tons of "request" subjects all over the place. Ah well, maybe it's easier if everyone checks the updates page every few days or something. =/ Maybe I should get a mailing list instead...

For people who requested lyrics, check out the Requested lyrics section because I am a lazyass when it comes to replying to email as most of you have guessed. =/

Oh, and I just found out that the lyrics look horrible when you're using Netscape since it doesn't seem to support [pre] (I hate using [br] more than I have to since it takes up too much time & space). My apologies to Netscape users. =(

May 01
- Utada Hikaru "Sakura Drops" & "Letters" romaji.

April 27
- The Brilliant Green "Forever To Me ~Owarinaki Kanashimi~"

April 26
Lyrics added:
- aiko "Anata to Akushu"
- bird "Sanpo Shiyou"
- Kuraki Mai "Feel Fine"

April 25
- Hamasaki Ayumi "Free & Easy"

April 24
NEW RELEASES @ Yesasia! =)
- Garnet Crow ~ Sparkle ~Sujigaki doori no Sky Blue~
- Imai Miki ~ Goodbye Yesterday -best of-
- Kuraki Mai ~ Cool City Production Vol. 3 - Mai K's Club Side
- aiko "Anata to Akushu"
- bird "Sanpo Shiyou"
- The Brilliant Green "Forever To Me ~Owarinaki Kanashimi~"
- Hamasaki Ayumi "Free & Easy"
- Kuraki Mai "Feel Fine"

BTW, I ordered Garnet Crow's Sparkle... as well as hitomi's Thermo Plastic and Love Life CDs...yeah, I know those are a bit old. =/

April 21
- Do As Infinity "Signal"
- HAL "Split Up"
- hitomi "innocence"
- Love Psychedelico "Standing Bird," "Free World," "I Will Be With You" (more later...)
- Olivia "Sea Me"
- Onitsuka Chihiro "we can go," "backdoor" (more Onitsuka soon...)
- Trinity "Just The Way To Love"

Plus I added a list of the album lyrics that I did in 2001 & 2002. Damn, that's a lot of romaji. o_O

April 15
- BoA's Listen To My Heart
- Amuro Namie's "I Will"
- bird's "flow"
- Dragon Ash's "Life Goes On"
- Fayray's "My Eyes," "Remember"
- Hamasaki Ayumi's "Still Alone"
- move's "Romancing Train"

I have more lyrics I have to update soon...

April 2
- Chemistry's The Way We Are
- Tommy february6's self-titled
- Do As Infinity "Tangerine Dream"
- Keiko "Lights Brought The Future"
- MAX "Spring Rain"
- m-flo "The Rhyme Brokers"
- move "Fly Me So High"
- Onitsuka Chihiro's "Gekkou," "edge," "Shine," "Rasen, "cage," "infection" (more Onitsuka lyrics soon...)

March 22
- Ordered BoA's Listen To My Heart album.

March 20
New releases:
- Do As Infinity's greatest hits Do The Best
- Utada Hikaru's newest single "Hikari." Click here for her single & poster package.

March 18
- bird's Gokujou Hybrid
- Onitsuka Chihiro's This Armor
No lyric updates. =/
I was going to add some lyrics this weekend, but I've been sick (and still am), so I don't see it happening till probably the end of March. =(
- I did get a chance to update the requested page and future albums list though.

March 13
New release:
- BoA's debut album "Listen To My Heart"

March 10
More request updates:
- BoA & Koda Kumi's "The Meaning of Peace"
- EXILE "Fly Away"
- Lyrico "True Romance"
- MAX "Feel So Right"
- Mochida Kaori "in case of me"
- Spitz "Aoi Kuruma"
- Yaida Hitomi "Over the Distance"
- ZONE "Good Days"
Heh, now that I got most of the smaller requests out of the way, I can finish up some of the album romaji & I'll probably update in 2 weeks or so. I hope... =/

March 06
New Releases:
- bird's 3rd album Gokujou Hybrid
- Onitsuka Chihiro's 2nd album This Armor
- Yuki's (JAM's former lead singer) 2nd single "Prism"

March 05
Added some romaji requests:
- Bump of Chicken "Harujion"
- hitomi "Is It You?"
- Kinki Kids "Hey! Minna Genki Kai?"
- Utada Hikaru "Hikari"
More coming soon...

February 26
Oooooooook...I can't stand our message board because it always gives me errors whenever I try to add a message or log in. For those of you who are wondering why I'm not replying to the messages in the messageboard this is the reason for it. If you have any comments or questions or whatever, you have a better chance of getting your replies by emailing me (though I can be lazy at replying to emails as well). =/
- Those of you who requested lyrics, don't forget to check out the requested section because I'm too busy to reply directly to emails sometimes. =(

February 21
- Check out Jei's Dreams Come True site,
It's the definitely the best DCT site I've seen in English! =)

- Ok, someone recently pointed out that on the requested section, I had typed out:
"if you don't see your request here it's because I can't find the romaji lyrics--gomen."
I just wanted to say that that was a typo. It should have read:
"if you don't see your request here it's because I can't find the Japanese lyrics--gomen."
I pride myself in doing all the romaji lyrics you see on this site, so finding that stupid typo was pretty upsetting, to say the least. I just wanted to get that off of my chest and apologize to anyone who was confused by that statement. Honto ni gomen nasai. *bows*

February 18
Added some lyric requests to the J-Single Lyrics section:
- aiko "Oyasuminasai"
- Amuro Namie & Verbal "Lovin' It"
- Garnet Crow "a crown"
- Hamasaki Ayumi & Keiko "a song is born"
- Hirai Ken "Missin' You ~It Will Break My Heart~" *
- Lisa "Move On"
- Misia "Hatenaku Tsuzuku Story"
- Onitsuka Chihiro "Innocence," "Ryuuseigun"

Album lyrics will be updated next month...

February 12
No lyric updates...
Just wanted to say Happy Chinese New Year to our Chinese viewers. =)
(Yeah, I know it's a day late, but it's still the 12th in Hawaii) ^^

February 11
Album Lyrics Update:
- Crystal Kay's 637 ~always and forever~
- Do As Infinity's Deep Forest
- Dreams Come True Monkey Girl Odyssey

Requested lyrics will be updated soon...

February 7
- I ordered Tommy February6's first album today.
- Received Love Psychedelico's Love Psychedlico Orchestra and DAI's New World yesterday.
- Updated the Want Romaji list and the Future Albums List plus I added a Requested list where you can see if your requests reached me or not.
- Updates will be this weekend (I hope)...

January 27
I ordered the OS version of Love Psychedelico's newest album and Do As Infinity's first 2 albums as well.
Lyric updates will be in early February...
- Added new albums to the Want Romaji section.

January 9
I just wanted to mention that Love Psychedelico's newest album Love Psychedelic Orchestra is available now at YesAsia. I'll get this album once the overseas version is available...

January 1
Wow, it's been a while since I last updated (yet again =/). Well, I finally got finished with some album lyrics. BTW, Les & I hope everyone had a safe & happy holiday season. =)
- Dreams Come True's Monkey Girl Odyssey
- Mean Machine's Cream (JAM's Yuki is their drummer!) =)
Lyric updates:
- aiko's Natsufuku album
- Garnet Crow's First Soundscope album + a few coupling lyrics (I made a new format for future album lyrics starting with GC's lyrics. =))
- Hirai Ken's Un-Balanced album
- Crystal Kay's "Ex-Boyfriend," "Girl's Night," & "He Will Be Mine"
- My Little Lover's "Higasa ~Japanese Beauty~"
- EXILE's "Your Eyes Only" *
- earth's "Color of Seasons" *
- w-inds "Paradox" *
* didn't listen to song
Hirai Ken's "World's End"
m-flo's "Prism" & "Yours Only"

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