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(July - December 2003)

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December 30
The webmaster of KIKU Lyrics apologized to me and removed all the album lyrics that I know are from my site (about 13 albums altogether; I think there are more, but I'm too lazy to look at the moment). Apparently his website fanclub sends it to him, and he didn't know it was plagiarised from my site. He seems like a nice guy & I regret that I didn't get the chance to email him earlier about it, and that I hastily blamed him for something he didn't knowingly do himself. For this reason I apologize to the webmaster of that site. I hope that in the future nothing like this happens again, so I ask the visitors to my site to please, please not take the romaji/translations from my site and claim it as your own or put it on your site or a message board without giving me credit and a link to this site. I can tell which romaji is done by me--romaji of the same song done by different people are ALWAYS different in one way or another.

I'm sorry for always being so upset and ranting about whenever someone plagiarises something that I have on my site, but if you put as much work I do into this site (even though it it's graphically-challenged =p), you'd be upset too.

December 29
I just ordered Amuro Namie's STYLE and a.mia's Rootie albums, so expect romaji lyrics for both albums. ^^

December 28

~ BEGIN - shimanchunu takara
~ ELT - Ichinichi no Hajimari ni..., Shiawase no Fuukei
~ Hamasaki Ayu - ANGEL'S SONG, Because of You
~ Misia - SNOW SONG
~ myco ~ CML (Changin' My Life) - Christmas ni Kuchizuke wo
~ Tackey & Tsubasa - Yumemonogatari
~ Tasty Jam - Portrait
~ Tommy Angels - You'll Be My Angel

~ Mr. Children - Kurumi by Feiku Takahashi
~ Natsukawa Rimi - Nada Sou Sou by Mathieu Grandadam
~ Skoop on Somebody - Dakishimete by Feiku Takahashi
~ Querer - How I Love You by Miho Shinohara

- Emyli - Flower of Life
(special thanks to djepic for the scans ^^)
- EXILE - Styles of Beyond

EXILE - Be Mine feat. 99% Radio All Stars

December 15
- Double - DOUBLE (English version)
- Double - Wonderful
- Garnet Crow - crystallize ~Kimi to Iu Hikari~
- Hinouchi Emi - Dramatiques

~ Crystal Kay - I'm not alone
~ Do As Infinity - Kagaku no Yoru & Wings 510
~ Double - Okaeri
~ Hinouchi Emi - Painful


December 04
~ Kouda Kumi - Gentle Words
~ Misia - THE BEST OF TIME, IN MY SOUL, Mekubase no BURU-SU

- Do As Infinity - Gates of Heaven

~ Misia - IN MY SOUL

I will work on the album romaji in this order:
Hinouchi Emi - 28
Double - 20
Asuka - 13
Mitsunaga Ryota - 10
Bennie K - 9

However, I may also add other album romaji as well. If anyone is upset or confused or just wondering why I'm not following this list 100%, it's because for the albums of the artists I mentioned (also majority of the albums on the top part of "Cori's album list" section), I have to write the romaji out by hand, then I have to look them up in my kanji book, then type them out, then listen to hear if the romaji matches up to what the artist is singing. For kanji lyrics that are on the net, I have an easier time--it takes me about 5 minutes to type out a simple song (vs. about 15 minutes to write it out by hand, excluding typing it out), it takes about 30+ minutes to type out a complicated song with lots of kanji (vs. 1-2 hours by hand). Then all I have to do is check with an online dictionary to see if the kanji is correct, then listen to the song. Whew, that's a lot of work, don't you think. So that's the reason why I will probably take longer with those 5 album romaji and why I will probably add some other album romaji in the meantime... Btw, if anyone wants a sample of what I mean by writing the lyrics out, you can access a translation of Ayaya's "Anata no Kanojo" I did here (yes, my writing is pretty ugly =p).

December 01
~ aiko - eriashi, BASUTABU, futatsu no hohohana
~ BoA - Rock with you
~ chemistry - Koi Suru Karen, meiji cherushii no uta, naturally ours, point of no return ketsumeishi no remix, Saigo no Yoru, Kimi wo Sagashiteta (remix), Your Name Never Gone
~ Do As Infinity - Treasure Pleasure
~ ELT - Mata Ashita, Azayaka na mono
~ EXILE - Eternal...,
~ Hayashi Asuca - mou ichido anata ni aitai
~ Love Psychedelico - My last fight, fleeing star, Dreamer
~ Lyrico - Lost Wing, Tears in Christmas
~ melody - Crystal Love
~ Okuda Miwako - Aozora no Hate
~ Onitsuka Chihiro - Atashi to no Waltz
~ Shimatani Hitomi - YUME Biyori, Holy Story
~ Sowelu - Lovin' You


November 29
- Crystal Kay - 4REAL
- Heartsdales - Radioactive
- Heartsdales - Sugar Shine
- Yaida Hitomi - Air/Cook/Sky

Double & Hinouchi Emi's CDs are being shipped to me now.

So far the poll is (based from the one on my site & on a forum I post in):
*Asuka - Shining 11
*Bennie K - essence 4
Double - Wonderful 21 (release date: 2003.11.19)
Hinouchi Emi - Dramatiques 25 (release date: 2003.11.27)
*Mitsunaga Ryota - Inside My Heart 7

November 13
Sound samples of a couple of the albums I'm getting:
- Bennie K - Essence
- DOUBLE - Wonderful
- Heartsdales - Sugar Shine (click on the pictures of their CD singles as well)

The albums that I recently ordered & are being shipped to me are: Asuka, Bennie K, Heartsdales, Mitsunaga Ryota, & Ikeda Ayako (an older album, so it's not on the list). I'll probably start with the available albums, then when I get the other shipment, I'll focus on everything in the order that it was voted on, rather than making everyone wait. In the meantime, please keep voting. ^^

November 12
~ Aiuchi Rina - Silver hide and seek
~ Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Kimi to iu Hana
~ Do As Infinity - Hiiragi
~ Every Little Thing - No Limit
~ EXILE - Choo Choo TRAIN
~ Hamasaki Ayumi - No way to say
~ Hitoto You - Edo Polka
~ Katase Nana - Necessary
~ Kobukuro - blue blue
~ Onitsuka Chihiro - Ii Hi Tabidachi Nishi e
~ Orange Range - Viva Rock
~ Tokunaga Hideaki - Kimi wa Kimi de Itai noni, Kowarekake no Radio, MOTHER OF LOVE Chiisana Mirai...
~ ZONE - Boku no Tegami

- Aiuchi Rina - A.I.R
- hitomi - HTM -Tiartrop Files
- Nakashima Mika - LOVE

~ ZONE - Boku no Tegami

- Also added a poll on which album you guys want me to romanize first. Yes, I know that some of the albums listed haven't been released yet, but I just added them anyway. =p

November 3
- bird - Double Chance
- Matsu Takako - Harvest Songs

October 30
J-Urban Lyrics:
~ m-flo loves Chemistry - Astrosexy
~ m-flo loves Melody & Yamamoto Ryouhei - Miss You

October 27
~ Aiuchi Rina - Can you feel my...?
~ Amuro Namie - So Crazy, Come
~ BoA - DOUBLE, Midnight Parade, Milky Way ~Kimi no Uta~
~ TAK MATSUMOTO feat. Kuraki Mai - Imitation Gold
~ TAK MATSUMOTO feat. ZARD - Ihoujin

J-Urban Lyrics:
~ Crystal Kay - Candy

- Denda Mao - Eternal Voice
- I WiSH - Tsutaetai Kotoba ~Namida no Ochiru Basho~

~ Crystal Kay - Candy

October 14
Requested Singles
~ Day After Tomorrow - Starry Heavens, Never Land, These Days
~ Minmi - Another World, Happy Song
~ Nakashima Mika - Yuki no Hana
~ Sonim - Goukon Ato no FAMIRESU nite
~ Sowelu - Glisten

- AI - My Name Is AI
- AI - Original A.I (lyrics for track 10 wasn't available)

October 6
J-Urban Lyrics:
~ DOUBLE - destiny
~ Heartsdales - CANDY POP

- Changin' My Life - Caravan
- Shimatani Hitomi - GATE ~scena III

~ DOUBLE - destiny


September 30
Requested Singles
~ Do As Infinity - Honjitsu wa Seiten nari, 10W40
~ EMYLI - Someday, If I Could
~ Makiyo - Sign of Wish, kaze no fuku basho, TONNERU
~ Ruppina - You Are
~ Shibasaki Kou - Omoide Dake dewa Tsurasugiru, Wasurenagusa
~ Shibata Jun - kan Beer
~ SHY - hana, TEREPASHI-, After you
~ Ueto Aya - Kanshou, Mermaid
~ Yaida Hitomi - Hitori Jenga, BERU to hon to KYANDORU

J-Urban Lyrics:
~ SOULHEAD - GET UP!, TONIGHT THE NIGHT, Dance With Me, Shining Forever

- shela - Garden

- shela - Let me be with you

tanjoubiomedetou23!! ^^

September 22
Requested Singles
~ Fukuyama Masaharu - niji, himawari, sore ga subete sa
~ Go! Go! 7188 - Aa Seishun
~ Hajime Chitose - itsuka kaze ni naru hi, sanpo no susume
~ I WiSH - futatsu hoshi, Summer Breeze ni Notte, Flower
~ KinKi Kids - hakka candy, futatsu no inryoku
~ Kouda Kumi - Come With Me
~ Misia - kokoro hitotsu
~ Onitsuka Chihiro - arashi ga oka
~ Ruppina - FAITH, Thousand Lights
~ Shibata Jun - Anata to no Hibi

J-Urban Lyrics
~ TMC All Stars - TMC Graffiti

Sept 12
Requested Singles
~ Goto Maki - daite yo, Ofuzake Kiss
~ Misia - Namida no Present
~ Moriyama Naotarou - Fuse, Natsu no Owari
~ Sayaka - believe again, Mermaid
~ Skoop On Somebody - Sing a Song, wanna, wanna, wanna
~ SPEED - Be My Love, Shuka

Yay! My computer's back...but I still have the rest of the lyrics that I did on the hard drive that I had to take out, so a handful of requests will be a little later than I expected. Sorry about that. Btw, thanks to the people who gave me words of encouragement & those who supported me. It means a lot to me. ^^

Right now, my computer is basically fucked up. So fucked up that I can't even get online with it, so updates & other stuff will have to wait till I make backups of all my files & redo Windows, which I'll probably get done this week or next week. I don't think I'll be able to check my email because I don't want it to screw up the computer I am using now at work (plus because of that stupid virus that sends 100k sized emails, my email is to the limit), so if you need to leave me a message, please write it on the messageboard & hopefully I'll respond when I can (& if I'm not too lazy). =/

August 24
Requested Singles
~ Changin' My Life - Dahlia, Jakarta no Kaze
~ Go! Go! 7188 - Akai Sofa
~ Imai Miki - Honto no Kimochi
~ Kitahara Aiko - nijiiro ni hikaru umi, yume nara samenaide
~ Orange Range - Shanghai Honey
~ sayaka - garden

J-Urban Lyrics:
~ AI - Saishuu Senkoku, Summer Time, Thank U, Last Words
~ Hirai Ken - Signal

- ISSA - Extension
- Matsu Takako - homegrown
- michico - i do

- AI - Summer Time
- ISSA - Kimi e
- LISA - I Promise
- michico - 090...

August 13
Requested Singles
~ Aiuchi Rina - Ruby Stars
~ Garnet Crow - For South
~ Katsumata Aiko - I want you in my life
~ MIKU - HANABI ~8gatsu no Hi~
~ PIERROT - Neogrotesque

J-Urban Lyrics:
~ DOUBLE - Rollin' On
~ michico - all your things

- Matsu Takako - Honto no Kimochi


August 5
Requested Singles
~ Abe Natsumi - 22sai no Watashi
~ Every Little Thing - Fundamental Love
~ Imai Eriko - Butterfly
~ LISA - Peace in Love, Why do fools fall in love
~ Matsu Takako - Honto no Kimochi, home sweet home
~ MAX - Love Screw
~ Onitsuka Chihiro - Beautiful Fighter
~ Tommy February6 - Futari no Seaside
~ Tommy Heavenly6 - Swear

J-Urban Lyrics:

From Requested albums:
- Tsuji Ayano - Renrenfuka

~ Tommy February6 - Futari no Seaside
~ Tsuji Ayano - Sakura no Ki no Shita de

August 1
Requested Singles
~ Aiuchi Rina - Over Shine, CODE CRUSH
~ Hayashi Asuca - Tsubame ni Naritai
~ Hinouchi Emi - Freak!
~ Imai Eriko - Can U feel me?
~ Nakashima Mika - FIND THE WAY
~ Tamaki Nami - Realize

From Requested albums:
- Sowelu - Geofu

July 28 past updates
Requested Singles
~ Abe Asami - Our Song, follow me! follow you?
~ AKINA - One wish, Without you
~ Breath - I Love You
~ Flame - close my eyes, Don't Look Back
~ Hirai Ken - style
~ Hitoto You - Kingyo Sukui, Nan mo Nai, Kyou Wazurai
~ Nakayama Miho & Wands - Sekai no Dare Yori Kitto
~ Shimatani Hitomi - illusion
~ Sing Like Talking - The Love Me Make
~ TOKIO - Nando mo yume no naka de kurikaesu Love Song

July 25
Requested Singles
~ Amuro Namie - Exist for you
~ Day After Tomorrow - Current
~ Matsu Takako - afterimage


July 23
Album Lyrics
~ Kuraki Mai - If I Believe

~ Tommy february6 - Love is Forever (with translation)
~ Tommy heavenly6 - Wait Till I Can Dream (with translation)

(note: I didn't have sound files for the Tommy songs, so romaji might be inaccurate. ><)

July 17
~ Cyber X feat. Keiko - be true
~ hiro - Ai ga naiteru
~ naja - mr. deja vu
~ Nakashima Mika - Seppun
~ Sowelu - breath ~omoi no youryou~, I wanna know

J-Urban Lyrics
~ Ai - Triangle
~ Amuro Namie - Put'Em Up


July 10
~ Hamasaki Ayumi - ourselves, Greatful Days, HANABI ~episode II~, theme of a-nation '03
~ Moriyama Naotarou - Kazauta, Yakusoku, Koi, Maria, Natsu no Owari, Doyoubi no Uso

July 3
Requested Singles
~ Hitoto You - Dajya, Otokibako, Accordion
~ Lead - Fly Away, Manatsu no Magic, Show Me The Way
~ Melody - Simple As That
~ Nakashima Mika - Destiny's Lotus
~ Tsuji Ayano - Sakura no Ki no Shita de, Amaoto, Kaze ni Noru, Arikitari na ROMANSU
~ V6 - Darling, Hikarisasu Basho e, Mejirushi no Kioku
~ W-inds - Super lover~ I need you tonight, no one else

J-Urban Lyrics
~ Crystal Kay loves m-flo - I LIKE IT
~ Exile - Blue ~Tsutaezu ni Iru~, Sunadokei, Time, Together
~ K. - After the silence, Saigo no Cider
~ kazami feat. Sphere of Influence - Rhythm
~ m-flo loves Crystal Kay - Get On, REEEWIND!
~ Palm Drive (feat. Crystal Kay, AKIRA, Cornhead) - Hello Goodbye

Btw, I got a bunch of albums this past weekend. Most of them are older albums, but since they were so cheap, I had to buy em. =p

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