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What is is an online retail store where you can buy Japanese, Korean, and Chinese products such as CDs, books, games, anime, manga, and videos.

What happens when I buy something from Yesasia through your site?
I receive 10% credit whenever someone purchases something through my site. The money that I earn will be used to pay for my new domain and will also be used to purchase CDs in order to have more lyrics for my site.

How can I purchase CDs through your site?
There are 3 main ways you can purchase CDs through my site:
1, From each individual artist lyrics page
2. From each individual album lyrics page
3. Enter the name of the artist or product name in the search engine below:

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How can I get free shipping?
If you live in the US or Canada, you can get free shipping if your order is $39 or more (excluding shipping costs). The tradeoff is that you might have to wait a little longer than what you would wait for if you order express or first class mail.

How can I get a $5 coupon?
If you spend $50 or more with your order, you will receive a $5 coupon for your next purchase. You can only use 1 coupon for each purchase.

Does Yesasia ship to other countries besides the US and Canada?
Yes, they do, but you will have to purchase your order from Global Yesasia.

What's the difference between the Japan & the overseas version of a CD?
This question is very popular. I think that the only big difference is the price--the overseas version is about half the Japan version price. The lyric sheet & the songs on the CD are the same, however. The overseas version may have the Chinese translation included. The overseas version is usually made in the Taiwan branch of the record company, which isn't allowed in Japan, and therefore doesn't count towards the Orion charts, so if you want to support the artists in the charts (& also want the goods that are sometimes included with the first press CDs), I'd suggest getting the Japan version. If you just want the songs, I'd go for the overseas version.