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Artist Links
If you know of any good sites of these artists, please e-mail me.
This site is still under some construction.

Aiko | Amuro Namie | Bird | The Brilliant Green |
Cocco | Double | Dreams Come True | Every Little Thing |
Hirosue Ryoko | Hysteric Blue | Judy & Mary | Koyanagi Yuki |
Kuraki Mai | Le Couple | m-flo | Matsu Takako | Matsumoto Eiko |
MAX | Misia | Morning Musume | My Little Lover | NiNa |
Okamoto Mayo | Sakai Noriko | S.E.S. | Shinohara Ryoko |
Taiyou to Ciscomoon | Tina | Tsuyuzaki Harumi | UA | Utada Hikaru / Cubic U

buy aiko CDs
~ Official site (J)
~ Official site (J)
Amuro Namie
buy Amuro Namie CDs
~ Official Site (J/E)
~ AMX (E)
~ Namie Amuro & Super Monkeys (J/E)
~ My Complete Namie (E)
Buy Bird CDs
~ Official Site (J)
The Brilliant Green
buy The Brilliant Green CDs
~ Sony Music site (J)
~ brilliant green & PEACE (C/E)
~ The Brilliant Green Unofficial Homepage (E)
~ the brilliant green ~english page (E)
~ (E) One of the more recent updated Buriguri sites. A must for fans. ^^
buy Cocco CDs
~ Official site (J/E)
~ Cocco: Eigo no Fan Page (E)
~ Soft Scars (E)
~ Rapunzel review (E)
Do As Infinity
buy Do As Infinity CDs
~ Official site (J)
~ (fansite)
~ forum (forum of
with the craziest DAI fans you can find on the net )

~ Gates of Infinity (EienDAIfan5d9's site)
~ Infinite Infinity (Tangerine Dreamer's site)
~ Endless Memories (Stovila's site)

DAI avatars:
~ (Trix's site)
~ (moonchild's site)

Other languages:
~ (Motoko-chan's site; French & English)
~ (ANNA's site; Italian)
~ (kaien0725's site; Korean)
~ (Brazilian)
~ (Brazilian)
~ Shinjitsu no Fan (Brazilian BBS)
~ Do As Infinity [Love & Peace] (Dinaluban61's site)
~ ()
buy Double CDs
~ Official site (J/E)
Dreams Come True
buy Dreams Come True CDs
~ Official site (J/E)
~ DCT Joy (E) (Jei's excellent DCT site)
~ Kevin's Tribute to Dreams Come True (E)
~ Dreams Come True for English Speaking Fans
~ Enigma Words of DCT-Dreams Come True Very useful for those unknown words in DCT songs. (J)
~ article from Eye-Ai magazine (E) 1998
~ DCT news at Virgin Records mentions that they're working on the English version of The Monster.
buy Double CDs ~ Official site (J/E)
buy Double CDs ~ Official site (J/E)
buy Double CDs ~ Official site (J/E) Double
buy Double CDs ~ Official site (J/E) Double
buy Double CDs ~ Official site (J/E) Double
buy Double CDs ~ Official site (J/E)


Every Little Thing  buy Every Little Thing CDs
(J) Official Site
(E) ELT World news, profile, discography, songs, etc.

Hirosue Ryoko  buy Hirosue Ryoko CDs
(J) Official Website
(HK)HK Ryoko Hirosue Webring

Hysteric Blue  buy Hysteric Blue CDs
(J) Official Site 
(J) Sony Music Site  Has some sound samples.
fan site coming soon...

Imai Miki  buy Imai Miki CDs
(J) Official Site
(J) Japanese site w/discography Has a great Imai Miki Discography!!! 
  (Gotta be able to read Japanese fonts, though)

Judy & Mary  buy Judy & Mary CDs
(E) Hyper JAM Webpage The best Judy & Mary site. Hasn't been updated since 1998 though.
(E) Judy and Mary in English Just as it states. Has a few translations and info. Hasn't updated since
(E) Judy and Mary Forever Has videoes, etc.
(E) Punchy Judy Show an article on JAM
(E) JAMnet Discography, some lyrics, message board, a few other things.

Koyanagi Yuki  buy Koyanagi Yuki CDs
(J) Official site 

Kuraki Mai  buy Kuraki Mai CDs
(J) official site 
(J) Official Site
(C/E) Mai.K.World 

Le Couple  buy Le Couple CDs 

m-flo  buy m-flo CDs
(J) m-flo Official
(J) m-flo

MAX  buy MAX CDs
(J) Official site  (has sound samples in shockwave & real video)
(E) AMX The best current Amuro Namie/MAX site in English.
Namie Amuro & Super Monkey's  A great site for Amuro & MAX news!
(E) MAXimum Harmony Probably the best MAX site there is in English.  If only it were updated.
(E) The Eternal Future Another great MAX site.

Matsu Takako  buy Matsu Takako CDs
(J) Official Site
(J/E) The MT Matsu Takako Page 
Matsu Takako webring 

Matsumoto Eiko  buy Matsumoto Eiko CDs
(J) Official Site  Has mp3 samples
(E) Matsumoto Eiko info From the BMG site. 

Misia  buy Misia CDs
(J) Official Site
(E) Misia bio
(E) Love is the Message review
(E) article from Eye-Ai magazine

Morning Musume  buy Morning Musume CDs
(J) Official
(J) at Zetima Records

My Little Lover  buy My Little Lover CDs

NiNa  buy NiNa CDs

Okamoto Mayo
(J) Official
(J) Doko Housou - Pop Music (Mayo Okamoto)

Sakai Noriko  buy Sakai Noriko CDs
(J) Sun Music Group
(J) Victor Entertainment  Has tons of Real Audio samples, even her older albums!!!
A Million Kisses for Noriko Sakai Hasn't been updated since January 2000.

RYTHEM  click to buy RYTHEM CDs
(J) Official site
(J) Sony music site

S.E.S  buy S.E.S CDs
(k/e/j/c) official site
(E) S.E.S. Online An S.E.S site in English. The songs from all three albums are there. Lotsa
  info on them too. Great site!
(E) Forever Fanatical Library A Korean site with S.E.S.'s Korean lyrics romanized & translated....
(e) s.e.s's shrine
(e) s.e.s world

Shinohara Ryoko  buy Shinohara Ryoko CDs

Taiyo to Ciscomoon  buy Taiyou to Ciscomoon CDs
(J) at Zetima Records

TiA  click to buy TiA CDs
(J) Official site

Tina  buy Tina CDs
(J) at Tokuma Records

Tsubaki  click to buy Tsubaki CDs
(J) official site

UA  buy UA CDs
(J) Official
(J) Speedstar Records site
(E) Turbo review

Utada Hikaru  buy Utada Hikaru / Cubic U CDs
(J/E) Official site 
(C/E) Hikaru's Room A great fan site!  Rates a lot of Utada sites.  This site even borrowed 
  a couple of my reviews (with my permission, of course).

Wyolica  click to buy Wyolica CDs
(J) official site

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