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Kawabe Chieco Lyrics
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Kawabe Chieco singles/couplings:

~ ひだまり (hidamari)
~ quiet riot

Kawabe Chieco Lyrics (alphabetical)
~ be your girl
~ brilliance
~ cry baby
~ hidamari
~ hoshi ni negai wo
~ I Can't Wait
~ kizuna iro
~ leave me alone
~ little wing
~ over
~ Pink! Pink! Pink!
~ quiet riot
~ Shining!

Album lyrics:

released on 2001.11.02
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01. brilliance
02. Shining!
03. kizuna iro
04. Pink! Pink! Pink!
05. little wing
06. over
07. I Can't Wait
08. cry baby
09. be your girl
10. leave me alone
11. hoshi ni negai wo


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