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Tsuyuzaki Harumi Lyrics
Harumi is now releasing singles/albums under the name Lyrico.
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Tsuyuzaki Harumi Lyrics (alphabetical)

~ A song for my friends
~ Believe Yourself
~ Break On Out
~ dare demo nakute
~ Don't go,Come back
~ End of Eternity ~eien no hate~
~ Feel so real
~ Give me your love
~ Heaven Help
~ I'm missin' you
~ I'm willing
~ Let's get together
~ mou nido to
~ Nothing days
~ One Summer Day
~ Precious
~ Rithm
~ Snow
~ Still I
~ Tender Trap
~ Little Wing
~ You're the one

Album lyrics:

released on 2000.01.26
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01. I'm missin' you
02. Break On Out
03. Nothing days
04. Rithm
05. Still I
06. Snow
07. Don't go,Come back
08. I'm willing
09. Precious
10. A song for my friends

Believe Yourself
released on 1998.04.29
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01. Believe Yourself
02. dare demo nakute
03. Give me your love
04. Let's get together
05. End of Eternity ~eien no hate~
06. mou nido to
07. Heaven Help
08. Tender Trap
09. Feel so real
10. One Summer Day
11. You're the one
12. Little Wing


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