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Hinouchi Emi Lyrics
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In recent times, Emi has been reduced to singing backup for Heartsdales, of all people.
She also wrote their Bailamos? song.

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~ E・S・C・A・P・E
~ Get up!
~ O'kay
~ chocolate

Hinouchi Emi Lyrics (alphabetical)
~ brand new love
~ chocolate
~ Crying
~ E・S・C・A・P・E
~ Freak!
~ Get up!
~ hey boy...
~ let it be
~ Magic
~ O'kay
~ Painful (ENG)
(m-flo feat. AI, Hinouchi Emi,
Rum (from Heartsdales) ~ Trap ~ What's Your Secret ~ World ~ You said, you did feat. Hi-D (ENG) ~ You were my everything

Album lyrics:

released on 2003.11.27
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01. Dramatiques Intro
02. Trap
03. hey boy...
04. You said, you did feat. Hi-D (ENG)
05. Freak!
06. let it be
07. brand new love
08. Show Me What You Got
09. What's Your Secret feat. Mic Banditz
10. Crying
11. World
12. You were my everything
13. Magic
14. Painful (ENG)
Bonus track:
15. Magic CBK Shiyou (Magic CBK Tune)

~ STARSTRUCK - m-flo feat. AI, Hinouchi Emi, Rum (from Heartsdales)

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