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01. I Got You (English version)

Hitoe Lyrics (alphabetical)
~ 'Cause I Really Need Your Love (ENG)
~ Dance With Me
~ Deja Vu (ENG)
~ I Got You
~ I'll Be There (ENG)
~ Just Wanna Let You Know
~ I'll Do It My Way
~ Regrow
~ You Gotta Know

Album lyrics:

I'll Do It My Way
released on 2002.12.18
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01. Deja Vu(ENG)
02. I'll Be There (album edit)(ENG)
03. I Got You
04. I'll Do It My Way
05. You Gotta Know
06. INORI "STC 22" dub version
07. Just Wanna Let You Know
08. 'Cause I Really Need Your Love(ENG)
09. Dance With Me
10. Regrow

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