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Denda Mao Lyrics
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All romaji lyrics & translations (unless noted) by Cori
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As MAO/d:
~ VERY LOVE -0.5℃

Denda Mao Lyrics (alphabetical)
~ All My Special
~ anata to futari de
~ arinomama de
~ Happy Ever After
~ It's all about
~ Lately
~ Masquerade
~ mimimoto ni iru yo...
~Ring the Bells~ ~ Someone 2 Love ~ soshite me ga sametara
~3 Little Nights~ ~ VERY LOVE -0.5℃ ~ yasashii kimochi

Album lyrics:

Eternal Voice
released on 2000.12.20
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02. mimimoto ni iru yo...~Ring the Bells~
03. Masquerade
04. Why Oh Why (interlude)
05. It's all about
06. mao's room ~interlude~
07. soshite me ga sametara ~3 Little Nights~
08. Someone 2 Love
09. arinomama de
10. Smile ~interlude~
11. anata to futari de
12. yasashii kimochi
13. Lately
14. All My Special
15. Happy Ever After (album ver.)

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