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The Gospellers Lyrics
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All romaji lyrics & translations (unless noted) by Cori
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The Gospellers Singles/couplings:

~ 冬物語 (fuyu monogatari)
~ Golden Age ~黄金時代~ (~Ougon Jidai~)
~ Hoshikuzu no Machi de
~ Kokuhaku

The Gospellers Lyrics (alphabetical)

~ Calling
~ End roll
~ fuyu monogatari
~ Golden Age ~Ougon Jidai~
~ Hoshikuzu no Machi de 
~ Kokuhaku
~ machikado -on the corner-
~ Real tight
~ Reflections
~ Right on, Babe
~ Shin Osaka
~ Sweet
~ Theatrical
~ Yes, No, Yes...
~ You are my girl

Album lyrics:

Dressed Up To the Nines (REQUEST?)
released on 2004.03.10
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01. Right on, Babe
02. You are my girl
03. Reflections
04. Real tight
05. Sweet
07. End roll
08. Shin Osaka
09. Theatrical
10. Yes, No, Yes...
11. Calling
12. machikado -on the corner-


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