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m-flo singles/couplings:
~ Lies
~ The Rhyme Brokers

m-flo loves albums/singles/couplings:
~ Astromantic

m-flo Lyrics (alphabetical)

~ The bandwagon
~ been so long (ENG)
~ chronopsychology (ENG)
~ come again
~ Come Back To Me (ENG)
~ Deep Within
~ Dispatch
~ Hands
~ How You Like Me Now? (ENG)
~ Just Be
~ Lies
~ L.O.T (Love or Truth)
~ magenta rain
~ mindstate
~ Mirrorball Satellite 2010
~ orbit-3 (ENG)
~ Planet Shining
~ prism (ENG)
~ Quantum Leap
~ The Rhyme Brokers
~ saywhatchugotta
~ Ten Below Blazing
~ too much sense
~ What it is
~ Yours only, (ENG)

Album lyrics:

released on 2001.03.28
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01. SEIMON (interlude)
02. prism (ENG)
03. HIGASHIMON (interlude)
05. What it is
06. orbit-3 (ENG)
07. MINAMIMON (interlude)
08. Dispatch
09. magenta rain
10. CHUO TOWER (interlude)
11. come again
12. NISHIMON (interlude)
13. Yours only, (ENG)
14. How You Like Me Now? (ENG)
15. ARIGATOU (interlude)
16. The bandwagon

Planet Shining (REVIEW)
released on 2000.02.01
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01. Intro
02. Ten Below Blazing
03. interlude
04. Planet Shining
05. Come Back To Me (ENG)
06. interlude
07. chronopsychology (ENG)
08. Hands
09. interlude
10. saywhatchugotta
11. Just Be (ENG)
12. interlude
13. Quantum Leap
14. L.O.T. (Love or Truth)
15. Deep Within
16. been so long (ENG)
17. Outro

Song Title Description
Believe The LightTRICERATOPS feat. LISA
Ex-Boyfriend Crystal Kay feat. Verbal
flo jack??
I LIKE IT(??)Crystal Kay loves m-flo
The Love HoleK. feat. Verbal
Lovin' ItAmuro Namie feat. Verbal
Mirrorball Satellite 2010??
the rhyme brokers??
Shizuka na MaboroshiMatsutouya Yumi cover song (Verbal's rap not available T_T)
Taboo (a tip of M-FLO remix)Hirai Ken feat. Lisa
T.O.P. ~Twinkling of Paradise~S.E.S feat. Verbal
too much sense??

LISA's solo works

Song Title Description
Babylon no KisekiLisa's 2nd single
Ienakutemo c/w song of Lisa's 2nd single
Ikenai Onnac/w of Lisa's 3rd single
I'm All YouLisa's 3rd single
JUICY MUSICLISA's 1st solo album
Move OnLisa's 1st single
My DearestLisa's 6th single
No More CryLisa's 1993 single
Peace in LoveLisa's 5th single
Shake Your Body DownLisa's 1993 single
So BeautifulLisa's 8th single
SWITCHLisa's 7th single
Why do fools fall in lovec/w of Lisa's 5th single


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