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Sowelu Lyrics
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2006.05.13 update
24 - Twenty Four album lyrics.

Sowelu Singles/couplings:

~ AFTER ALL (c/w song of "beautiful dreamer")
~ Better days (c/w "Part of me")
~ Just Wanna Splash
~ Lovin' You
~ Private Night -Ooh-Ooh-Uh-

Album lyrics:

Sweet Bridge
released on 2004.01.07
(Click to buy Japan ver / overseas ver)
01. Do You Remember That?
02. I Will (ENG)
03. No Limit
04. Last Forever
05. He Is Not For Me
06. Shower
07. Glisten
08. Cloudy
09. Joy
10. Secret Candle Light
11. The Rose
12. akatsuki ni omou (Miss Monday feat. Sowelu)
13. You Are My Everything

released on 2003.06.25
(Click to buy Japan ver / overseas ver)
01. Shine (ENG)
02. Fortune
03. Rainbow (original mix)
04. across my heart
05. I Wanna Know (ENG)
06. beautiful dreamer (album ver)
07. Part of me
08. CC
09. Can't take my eyes off of you
10. call my name (ENG)
11. my dear
12. breath ~omoi no youryou~

~ VOICES of Korea/Japan - Let's get together
~ Jhett - Get Ready -nite 2 Remember- feat. Sowelu

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